Why Work With Us?

Emerald Charter Schools is the first and only public charter school organization in Knoxville.

You can be part of the team that operates Emerald Academy, a K-8 college preparatory school committed to growing scholars into leaders. At Emerald Academy, we are 100% focused on creating the best learning culture for city students to develop the skills, habits and values for success in high school, college and life.

Our entire administration, faculty and staff does whatever it takes to make a difference by providing scholars and their families with hope through school choice.


You Can Help Us Overcome a Challenge in Knoxville

Current high school performance indicators, such as the small percentage of urban students who score advanced in Algebra I and English I or achieve ACT benchmarks, clearly communicate the need to take corrective measures.

We must strengthen Knoxville’s urban schools so they produce graduates who are truly prepared for college and career. The future of our young people and our urban neighborhoods themselves depends upon it.


OUr Goals

By joining Emerald Charter Schools, you will help accomplish these goals at Emerald Academy:

  • Scholars will read at or above grade level.

  • Every scholar will be ready for high school and on their way to a 4-year college.

  • Emerald Academy will rank in the top 5% of all schools in Tennessee.


We Value Innovation and Collaboration

The power of collective thinking is highly valued at Emerald Charter Schools.

The answers to any challenges we face at Emerald Academy lie within the creative teamwork of the staff. We believe all our scholars can learn and excel. Our staff will never tire in developing and testing new ideas to that end.