Our Mission

Emerald Academy's mission is to grow scholars into leaders by creating the best learning culture for city students to develop the skills, habits and values for success in high school, college and life.


Our Vision

Emerald Academy’s vision is to dramatically increase the number of Knoxville students who graduate eighth grade well-prepared for high school and the college of their choice. To achieve this goal, we will create a replicable, model kindergarten through eighth grade school that closes the achievement gap and alters the trajectory of our urban youth. Emerald Academy will prepare our scholars for success through our four pillars: academic excellence, effective teaching, a highly relational culture grounded in high expectations and robust parent and community engagement.


Our Goals

1. Scholars will read at or above grade level.

2. Every scholar will be ready for high school and on their way to a 4-year college.

3. Emerald Academy will rank in the top 5% of all schools in Tennessee.


Our Values

1. We put children’s needs first, in every single decision we make.

2. We hold everyone to the highest expectations, from our kindergarten scholars to our board members.

3. We share a never give up attitude, no matter what it takes.

4. We believe in our scholars, and know that every child can learn and excel.